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Classy  Quarters
Appaloosa  Farm
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of St. Albans, Maine
Would Like To Thank You For Visiting With Us!
We are a small, fairly new, growing Appaloosa breeding farm located in St. Albans, ME.  We
are just 10 "easy" miles off of the Pittsfield exit off Rt. 95, (exit 150) or 11 easy miles from
Newport (exit 157).   We have a nice piece of land (24+ acres) that we are clearing and / or
thinning, and about 4 or 5 acres that are used for grazing.  We are expanding the pastures each
year.  You can see photos of some of our property in the "
About Classy Quarters" section of
our site.

The Intentions...
... we have with breeding these beautiful animals is not only to try to keep color "patterns" in the breed, but
here at Classy Quarters, we have begun breeding for black-based stock.  

We are also offering wonderfully gaited Walkaloosas, just like the one we got last year out of Peanut...
"Louie."  We own the sire, "Love At Sunrise" as well.  He has a fantastic pedigree, which includes several
World Grand Champions.  The results from these crosses will be wonderful mounts for those who enjoy
long-distance trail riding, or who just prefer the "no-bounce" ride of a Tennessee Walking Horse combined
with Appaloosa coloring!  The four foals out of Love have all been gaited as well.  

*Contact us for more information regarding Stud Fees and Bookings!

As you tour our site...
... look at all our horses, past and present.  Some of them are "keepers", meaning they are NOT for sale, but
may be available for lease once the foals are weaned from them.  This option would depend on the
individual circumstances of each horse.  

Enjoy your visit through our site.  We hope you'll enjoy what you see.  You can now see what our foals look
Thanks again for your visit!
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